About Us

Dağ Mühendislik

Dağ Mühendislik makes an important contribution to the Turkish economy with more than 12000 houses. Construction sector which is tough and needs accuretness, moves forward on the right path with right and permanent investments. Being in the front line at competative market economy means that consideration in details. Dağ Mühendislik A.Ş. ensures  its fast and consistent growing as a brand in Turkey with basic principles and end of production follow ups.


Dağ Mühendislik is very sensitive about contribution for local people while singing under many projects. Starting with Ataköy housing estate and continues with Bahçeşehir Residences and Gold, Site Bosna dormitory, Novaland Outlet Konya shopping mall, Ataşehir Residences, Residence Hill, Doğaşehir - the greenest project in Turkey, Floraşehir Residences, Autopia automobile showroom, Bahçekent Flora - special project in İstanbul, Tual Adalar Kartal,Yeni Bahçeşehir and special hospital projects.


Dağ Mühendislik invests in many projects apart from housing and move forward to be the world wide known brand. Due time accuracy, quality and production follow up procedures makes Dağ Mühendislik A.Ş. One of the increased customer satisfaction reason is using quality materials and working with special suppliers. It can easily be seen that Dağ Mühendislik is very sensitive in details by using quality materials from foundation to roof. Dağ Mühendislik A.Ş. is always going to show its different brand vision with the projects all around the world from today to tomorrow.