Ataşehir Housing


Ataşehir Housing

A new project ATAŞEHİR is rising at Konya. Luxury houses and shops of the project has a new generation architectural design. ATAŞEHİR is located at the corner of the way going from bus station to entrance of Ankara way and rising above an area of 71.000 m2.

The Project is rising at the best place of Konya with its quality, large and convenient houses around 600. ATAŞEHİR is going to be an investment place with its high expected return of approximately 25.000m2 commercial centers and under guarantee of Dağ Mühendislik.

It is not all about housing and commercial centers. There will also be a luxury hotel that will bring an added value to tourism at ATAŞEHİR which is located close to the biggest and extensive convention center of Turkey.

Places that you feel peace while doing shoppin, resting and tripping is now very close to you. ATAŞEHİR is going to be the world which give you joy and not make you exhausted. You will see the differences on store concepts at ATAŞEHİR where professional sales and marketing techniques will be used. Dağ Mühendislik,  is growing with big successes from past to today,  will be with you with ATAŞEHİR project 

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