Chairman's Message

Dağ Mühendislik

As we have establishing the Dağ Mühendislik, we always aim to be the best by looking forward the newest and better and be stong and reliable as a mountain. The source of our power is the consistence in work life and steadiness of our basis over 25 years. We are aware of our responsibilities. As we have providing the sheltering needs of people, we are sensitive about the customer satisfaction and loyalty as well as the nature and life, working to sustain our employees, suppliers and customers happiness. Building a better future and enrich our shareholders life are our basic goals as a people oriented company.

We are carrying on the path with principled, honest, disciplined, believes in power of science, productive and innovative structure. We have always follow our goals and stand behind our commitments. We continue to do best investments on the right spots while adding value for our partners. We working with the nonstop service mentality for the comfort, serenity and confidence in the living area that we built on the project phase and after. The happiness that we offer for our customers is giving us a strenght for the new projects.

We aim to serve the 'best' , be the 'best' and 'most reliable' with our strength, management and work model which we care for our shareholders 'values' and respectful to environment and life, support personal development of our employee.

Mehmet DAĞ
Chairman of the Board