Doğaşehir Konya


You'll meet tomorrow with Doğaşehir...

Here comes the new projects of your dreams. Doğa Şehir residences offering you a green concept houses as it is mentioned in its name. Each details carefully designed at modern houses and  time will pass pleasantly at this places.

It is easy to answer all wishes of families at Doğaşehir.

You can either rest, or do sport. These places that clean air and green integrated will give you peace. We’ve designed places that everyone can spend time without getting bored. Doğaşehir residences which you will think the best residence you have ever seen,  meet you with all its beauty. We wish you a peaceful life.


Intertwined with the Nature of Konya...

Not only Konya, Turkey's ambitious project Doğaşehir in every detail "so much more" was imagined. In order to provide the best for you and your loved ones, we have created a comprehensive and well-equipped project. That's exactly what we were able to produce one of Turkey's most ambitious project at this point.

You can shop as you wish with the shopping floors consisting of 71 stores and you can have fun with your loved ones.

With a huge green area of 210,000 m2, there are many alternative social areas in the city of Doğaşehir from the parks to the fitness center, from the conference hall to the cinema hall.

You will not have any problems at Doğaşehir, which is located close to the metro project and other mega projects that offer easy access to all parts of the city.


Be close to all the points of the city as you begin a new life.




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