Human Resources

Why Dağ Mühendislik?

“You will take part in a constantly evolving and innovative structure with the desire to discover!”

In our Human Resources strategy, which is basically developed with the desire for discovery, we discover the potentials and capabilities of individuals in the most accurate way. We then create career maps carefully and provide the necessary support to increase their competencies in line with the set objectives.  In addition, through proactive activities and innovative initiatives, we also contribute to the acquisition of the necessary personal equipment for career plans.

With performance management and talent development systems, we aim to accelerate corporate success with individual success by adding extra values ​​to employees. In this context, we open the doors of development and innovation for our employees with a structure that believes that personal development should be in a continuous movement in working life.

“Taking place at the top of the business world will bring you success faster!”
In addition to the in-house training provided for you to climb career steps quickly in proportion to your potential and abilities, we also accelerate you to practice theory as a result of taking a “strong” place in the ranks. With this speed integrated, we provide a free working environment in order to reduce your mobility and to be able to freely declare your ideas. In addition, we want you as much as you like to reflect your rapid progress and success scale in your career map in a constantly developing and innovative working environment that respects different opinions.