Our Values

We provide sheltering need with modern, environment friendly, comfortable and tasteful structures.

We try to meet the expectations with the idea of customer satisfaction. We provide living areas that fulfills the idea of new century architectural design. Also we contribute to economy by providing employment. We have been following technologic changes and improvements and  build living areas with smart technology and safe structures. We protect our cultural and historical legacy. Every value that we enrich and defend for our customers and stakeholders forms our values while we build living areas.We create a future for new generation with the values that we adopt and defend.

People oriented approach
Dağ Mühendislik is a company that cares about employee satisfaction and loyalty, supports social responsibility projects, has a customer and stakeholders happiness based vision.
Succes oriented approach
Mountain engineering is a company that aims to be at the top just like its name "Mountain". We've been working to reach success with the approach of providing benefit to human,nature and society and continuity production. Keeping our promises is one of the most important criteria for us so we take into consideration of our actions reaction to the society and environment by using satisfaction computation methods. We approach equally to all of our stakeholder to be fair. We are aware of needs and expectations so we build storng future by using feedbacks and adding value to stakeholders life.
We have such a clear structure that all of our employee, customer and  stakeholders can easily share their problems because we are the biggest defender of honesty and reliablity. We are a company that creates sinergy, grows with the employees as they share, learns, teaches and result oriented. We are always open to strategic cooperations and such a different company that our employees can buy shares.
We've been working with the specialists in all stages of our service (before sales, on sales, before delivery, on delivery and after delivery) to implement sustainable quality systems, total quality management and management model as all the brands that knows importance of the speciality. We belive that working professionally with amateur spirit is the right approach.
With our modern and innovative management approach, we carefully reflect our principles and approaches to every project we develop. We continuously follow innovations, develop new products and services, and make continuous improvements with the suggestion system. In all our business processes, we use technology in the best way and find and implement environmentally sensitive technologies.